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Rama Rao is an IT professional with 16+ years of Experience. He worked on various technologies.

He got 6+ years of experience inAWS +  DevOps practice. He is very enthusiastic trainer providing best service to his students. 

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Curriculum For This Course
89 Lessons
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Introduction to AWS & Azure Cloud Computing
  • Understanding differences between On-premises and Cloud architecture.
  • Understanding networking in virtual world and subnetting.
  • Introduction to Amazon Webservices Services Overview and AWS Infrastructure overview
  • Preparatory Topics Virtualization, Networking and Storage concepts
  • AWS Management Console and AWS Account
  • Amazon EC2 Instance types, families, generations
  • Amazon EBS Magnetic, SSD, Provisioned IOPS
  • Amazon VPC Subnets, ACLs, Routing rules, Security Groups
  • Hands-on activity: Creating a VPC, Creating instances (VMs) on EC2 and configuring all necessary services, attaching EBS volumes, Elastic IPs, etc.
  • Overview Object Storage, file shares and their use cases
  • Amazon S3, Glacier, (File Share Service), CloudFront & Snowball
  • Amazon Cloudwatch Monitoring service
  • Hands-on activity: Creating S3 buckets, putting and getting objects from S3, hosting a static website on S3
  • Amazon NLB and ALB.
  • Amazon Auto-scaling Launch Configurations, Auto-scaling Policies
  • Hands-on activity configuration of NLB, ALB, auto-scaling rules and using them to automatically scale EC2 instances.
  • AWS Database services overview RDS, DynamoDB, Elasticache, Redshift
  • Hands-on activity creating RDS instances, configuring Multi-AZ failover, accessing a database hosted on RDS, DynamoDB using API gateway & Lambda.
  • AWS IAM overview
  • Configuring IAM users, groups and policies Secret Keys and API Access
  • Understand hybrid cloud environment.
  • Connectivity options between on-premises and cloud.
  • Creating site to site IP-Sec connectivity.
  • Route configuration in hybrid environment.
  • Create connectivity between On-prem and cloud applications.
  • Brief introduction to Infrastructure as Code methodology
  • AWS Services Overview Cloudformation, OpsWorks and ElasticBeanstalk
  • Fundamentals of Cloudformation templates
  • Hands-on activity creating and working with cloudformation templates and deploying a Stack using them.
  • AWS Services Overview Application Services (SES, SNS, SQS, etc)
  • Architecting with AWS Design guidelines and best practices
  • High Availability Design, Backup and DR
  • Cost Estimation using Simple Monthly Calculator
  • Understanding Orchestration & Automation.
  • Introduction to Chef, Puppet and Ansible.
  • Install & Configuring Puppet application
  • Testing configuration automation using puppet.
  • Introduction to Packer & Terraform.
  • AWS Infra Automation using Terraform.
  • Automate image building with Packer.
  • Deploy infrastructure with Packer & Terraform.
  • Introduction to Docker.
  • Installing Docker and building images.
  • Understanding AWS Elastic Container Services.
  • Deploy container applications on AWS ECS.
  • Introduction to Git and Github
  • Introduction to Docker & Container Architecture.
  • Migration best practices from On-prem to Cloud.
  • Understanding about Code Deploy, Code Pipeline and Codecommit.
  • Overview of AWS Data Analytics.
  • Understanding EMR, CloudSearch, ElasticSearch
  • Understanding ETL on Athena & Glue.
  • Introduction to Azure
  • Implementing and managing Azure networking
  • Implementing virtual machines
  • Managing virtual machines
  • Planning and implementing storage
  • Configuring Backup and recovery services
  • Planning and implementing Azure SQL Database
  • Implementing Azure App services
  • Implementing Azure Active Directory
  • Implementing Azure-based management and automation
  • Project to migrate and establish workloads on Azure Platform
  • RBAC and Access Controls in Azure
  • Configure Diagnostics, Monitoring, and Analytics
  • Azure DevOps CI & CD
  • Exam Preparation
  • Configure virtual networks
  • Modify network configuration
  • Design and implement a multi-site or hybrid network
  • Deploy workloads on Azure Resource Manager (ARM) virtual machines (VMs)
  • Design and implement VM storage
  • Monitor ARM VMs
  • Monitor ARM VM availability
  • Implement Azure storage blobs and Azure files
  • Manage access
  • Configure diagnostics, monitoring and analytics
  • Implement Azure SQL Databases
  • Implement recovery services
  • Implement ARM templates
  • Design role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Integrate an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) with existing directories
  • Configure Application Access
  • Integrate an app with Azure AD
  • Deploy Web Apps
  • Configure Web Apps
  • Configure Web Apps for scale and resilience
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